Whether you choose to purchase and build on a sloping block due to financial constraints, or to capture a magnificent view, you’ll generally find that most new home builders will run a mile.  Why?  Because building on a sloping block can be a complex process of excavating difficult, and sometimes dangerous, terrain.  It can add extensive extra costs to your build, present you with monumental designing technicalities, slow the project (particularly in bad weather), and leave you terribly frustrated and disheartened as your dreams for your luxury home in Melbourne dissipate.  But don’t be discouraged, there are sloping block builders who have the solution when it comes to building on a difficult block of land.

Exterior of new home by Sloping Block Builders



The good news is that you can confidently have your dream home designed, quoted, and built by Interline Constructions on your sloping block in Melbourne – and in turn you’ll receive:

  • The best advice
  • A cohesive design and build team
  • Seamless communication, and
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you’re dealing with a Premier Award-Winning Sloping Block Builder.



Our reputation as one of Melbourne’s most experienced sloping block builders means the execution of one of our tailor-made homes will not only fit perfectly within the parameters of your sloping black of land, but also allow you to enjoy the lifestyle of your choice.



The Interline team will help you with realistic suggestions, give you honest appraisals of what’s possible, step you through the Planning Permit process, and engage the right people with exemplary qualifications. You’ll be taken through the conceptual, designing, implementation and building stages, and be welcome to talk to us the whole way through.
And, when you finally open the door to your new luxury home, and a brand new lifestyle….




  • Uniqueness – no two sloping blocks of land are the same
  • Your views of the surroundings will be able to be viewed from various levels and not one view will be the same as anyone else within the area.
  • Your home will be custom-designed
  • You’ll have the opportunity to partake in the designing of balconies to accentuate your new home
  • High quality finishes and unique textures within your home are perfect features to entertain family and friends
  • Choose between upstairs or downstairs bedrooms, inside or outside entertainment areas, or a mixture of both.
  • You will be ecstatic with the final look and feel of your dream home

How Much Will My Sloping Block Home Cost?


A Sloping Block Case Study

Jan and Barry always hoped they would be retiring in a luxury home that overlooked the sea. They wanted an exclusive location, views to the horizon, an entertainment platform that worked perfectly as either an open or closed in space, a design that would cater for bringing the outdoors in, and that would take advantage of environmentally friendly options. Jan and Barry’s children were living in homes of their own now, so they were in a position to select land that was all about their own choices.

A rocky outcrop on the outskirts of Flinders became available, and they quickly opted in. After several months of looking around at other builders, Jan and Barry settled on engaging Interline Constructions as their sloping block builder to help them formulate a design and build concept that was neither generic nor boring. The result was a custom built home that sloped up from the street. The split level design had three elevated levels, and the ideas that Interline suggested (for their design) meant that excavation could be kept to a minimum to minimise erosion and land instability, and therefore simplify any drainage issues.

Jan and Barry chose a pole home design which proved more affordable than the other options available to them and, what’s more, it allowed them much more flexibility. A pole frame was constructed, whereby the poles extended right through the house to roof level, meaning the entire building was supported by them. Level frames were then built to span the three levels, upon which normal house framing was erected. They optimised their views with a top level master bedroom, made the second level a living/dining/entertainment space, and added two spare bedrooms with ensuites, on the lower level, for visiting family and friends.

From the outset, we knew that we were choosing a block that would present some unique building challenges, which is why we went with Interline. They listened to what we wanted to achieve, talked us carefully through all of the options, took care of the designing, the Council Regulations, the tradies, the fit-out and the finishes – and then they handed us the keys. Their craftsmanship and service were superb from beginning to end. Just as they promised, they really are sloping block specialists.

How Much Will My Sloping Block Home Cost?