Knock down rebuild homes by Interline Constructions

You’ve found the worst house in the best location and street. The block of land is sensational. But the house isn’t worth a cracker. Or maybe parts of the house are worthy of saving and incorporating into a new extensive build.
You love where you live, but the rising costs of renovating, modernising, and repairs have just become a nightmare.
You’ve looked at all of the other options, and one thing stands out – you CAN buy the house, or keep your existing location, and replace the old house with a new one. Enter Interline Constructions.

Interline are your experts in listening to what you need, talking you through what’s possible and permissible, and then giving you the knowledge, skills and expertise to get the job of redeveloping your land done with exemplary service.

Interline have been awarded multiple awards as premier Luxury Home and Extension/Renovations Builders over the past seven years, with accolades from both the MBAV and the HIA.


There may be several reasons for your choice to have your Knock Down Rebuild Home constructed – and not all of the reasons will be within your control. The home you have chosen, or currently live in may be:

  • Infested with white ants/termites
  • In a fabulous real estate location, but the home requires extensive renovations or modifications for modernisation
  • More expensive to renovate as compared to knocking it down and starting again
  • Unsuited to your lifestyle or design ideals
  • Poorly positioned on the block of land, impeding views, security and/or expansion
  • Heritage Protected in some respects
  • Condemned for demolition (due to cracked brickwork, Insulwool in the roof, lathen plaster, asbestos)
  • Eligible for Subdivision either now or in the future (STCA) and the current house is in the way
  • Damaged by fire, flood or vandalism
  • In need of restumping



  • Your Luxury Living Homes Knockdown Rebuild Designers Melbourne Home will ensure you get the home you want in the location that suits your lifestyle
  • Your new home can be designed with Interline Constructions to be everything you want it to be (within your budget)
  • You can take advantage of having a new, environmentally friendly design with cost-saving features
  • You’ll get the advice you need to wade through what is and isn’t possible (due to the zoning of your land)
  • You’ll have the features, finishes and the finest in quality workmanship that you deserve – and at a price that works for you.


The team at Interline will constantly communicate with you through the entirety of the build.
From initial consultations, permit proceedings; the moment your old house is knocked down and the moment a rebuild begins to take place, your project manager will keep you continually informed and updated on proceedings.

The good news is that you can have your dream home designed, quoted, and built by Interline Constructions on your block of land, no matter whether the land is flat, sloping, or undulating. In turn, you’ll receive:

  • Advice suited to your specific project
  • An experienced and confident design and build team
  • Seamless and extensive communication, and
  • A Premier Award-Winning Company responsible for the build of your beautiful new home


The difference with Interline is that they will give you realistic suggestions,
honest evaluations of what is possible in terms of your specific knockdown rebuild,
keep you constantly informed on the process of obtaining a Planning Permit and provide you
with an expert design and build team. Not only this, you will also feel comfortable talking to us
the whole way through the construction process.

And, when you finally open the door to your new, luxury home (at the same address), and a brand new lifestyle…



  • You’ll maximise the potential of your land space
  • Uniqueness – your new home can be custom-designed and built to your own specifications and needs
  • You’ll be able to create fabulous new entertaining areas
  • You’ll have the opportunity to experience having the best home in the best street, and thus increase the net worth of your property or investment
  • You’ll have a home with high quality finishes
  • You’ll feel proud that you’ve achieved your dream of building a luxury new home in the location you love.

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Case Study

Ang and Tom loved their location in Kew. They had great neighbours, family close by, excellent schools for their kids – however they lived in a house that was well past its use by date! Their actual block of land had recently become zoned for potential subdivision. Their house, however, was built in the late 1940’s, and contained asbestos in the flooring, the roof, the plumbing, and the walls. They’d spent a lot of money over the years in cosmetic renovations, but the costs were adding up, and there was still a lot more to be done. As environmental advocates, Ang and Tom also wanted to take advantage of solar power, sustainable watering systems for the garden, and safeguard their family by removing building matter that could harm their health in the long-term.

After obtaining advice from Interline Constructions, Ang and Tom weighed up their options. Adam and his team talked them through the possibilities. Renovations to their particular home, that suited their needs, would by nature be extensive and costly. When Interline suggested a knock down and rebuild concept they were hesitant, but it soon made so much sense. The tired bathrooms and kitchen could be replaced with all-new appliances and modern amenities. Their ailing back deck could become a haven for relaxation and entertainment and, with some careful planning, their new home could be designed and constructed to allow for their eventual retirement plans, whilst maximising their land via subdivision in the future. They also wanted to have their home design in-keeping with the character of their local area. The thought of ‘out with the old and in with the new’ suddenly became very appealing!

Ang and Tom sought advice from other home builders and found that they would have to run with set designs and features. Having a degree of architectural knowledge, Tom didn’t feel comfortable with their approach, and came back to Adam at Interline.

“With our children in nearby schools, and a love of the area, we knew we couldn’t afford to sell our home and upgrade to the extent we wanted to. We really didn’t want to move, but our existing house was falling to pieces. Interline took the time to talk to us about what we really wanted, and we were impressed by the awards they’d received from the MBAV and the HIA. You don’t get awarded accolades like that for nothing. Firstly they gained our trust that they knew what they were doing, they demonstrated that they cared about what WE wanted, they offered a range of solutions for renovations, and then let us think about what was best for us. For several months we pawed over the ideas, and rang Adam to discuss our thoughts many times. Finally, everything just clicked.

That old house was much loved, but it had become a money pit. As cliché as it sounds – we’ve now ended up with a beautiful new home, a retirement plan, happy kids, and we can’t stop smiling. Interline were fantastic to deal with – and now three of our neighbours are in discussions with them as well!”

– Ang & Tom

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