Custom Home Builders Deliver Tailored Lifestyle Solutions – Inside and Out

And that’s exactly what you get from a Custom Home Builder like Interline Constructions in Melbourne –  A home that fits YOUR purpose.

You may have visited all of the big builder display villages, loved and loathed some of the designs, done the maths, read over some of their contracts, and come away feeling completely bamboozled and disillusioned.  You liked one room in this one, another feature of that one, and subsequently tried to put all of the positives into one design that suits you.  You’ve then come up with a fabulous concept, but it doesn’t work on your block of land.  Does that sound at all familiar?

And then there’s the scenario where you’ve found the ‘almost’ perfect home design, but you’d like a few changes, but the display village sales team have set you back (again) by saying the changes you want will cost an extra arm and a leg, “and by the way, we can’t change the design that much because it’s outside our policy”.  The fact is, generic home builders can build your home but it’s generally got to be almost exactly as you see it displayed – and if you have a sloping block, or contentious issues with heritage features that need to be retained in a Knock Down Rebuild, then you’re already in trouble.  Don’t even go there if you have a home design in mind that needs to be elongated to fit on a non-conforming Narrow Block.  You’ll be quickly told, by the generic builder, “We can’t stretch any of our designs.  You get what you see – sorry no can do!”

That’s why Custom Home Builders have a definitive place in making you feel cared about.  They’ll listen to what you want, help you with a suitable design, draft in all of the features you desperately want to incorporate, and go ahead and create a unique home that no-one else is having.  It’s just for you –  and designed for your family and your lifestyle.

A custom designed home means that you’ll be able to play with your layout, swing things around to encapsulate views, put your master bedroom a long way away from the kids, and create a kitchen to die for.  You’ll also be able to keep control of your budget by getting all of the facts and pricing before you begin the build.

Variations are commonplace with the big builders, but, by engaging a Custom Home Builder, you’ll be able to negotiate a contract that specifies what’s included from the start, because you’ve set out your wishes, discussed at length how the big ticket items may push you over what you have to spend, and you’ll be able to rely on the expertise of your builder to advise you of other options to keep everything in check.

At Interline, we focus on the whole picture, not just what you see from the street.

Many of our recent clients have come to us with a notebook full of articles about what’s trending at the moment, particularly when it comes to interior design.  The first thing we do is look at their ideas, work out what style of home they’re wanting, and focus on their unique personality.  It’s a bit like profiling.  We have to understand what’s in their heads first, and then get to work on the bigger picture.  Understandably, the interior of any home is down to personal taste, colour palettes, whatever environmentally-friendly concepts are deemed important to them, and the nature of the block size and shape.

We’ve been in this business a long time, and we’ve seen some pretty eclectic ideas put forward.  We put the pieces together, because that’s what we’re here to do.

Whats Trending In Designer Homes for 2015?

Trending at the moment are smaller homes in the inner suburbs.  Blocks of land are being cut into bit-sized pieces to go with the urban sprawl, and this has had a big impact on the design side of our business.  Our clients still want big bedrooms and wide open living areas, and they’re not keen on areas with no natural light.  For example, we recently completed an award nominated home in Preston.  The block was extremely narrow, but with careful considerations made, our client could have views of the city fireworks, an office -come-guest-area upstairs, a whole  second storey for the children, and a front entrance way that looked all the way to the back fence.  They didn’t want ordinary.  They wanted a quality designer home, and energy efficient features, with room for a sustainable living veggie patch out the back.  As a Custom Builder we were able to make it all happen.

Another of our recent clients went in an entirely different direction – they wanted Heritage styling, a claw bath in the ensuite, a pizza oven in the alfresco, and a guest wing for the parents-in-law.  The thing is, a reputable builder will take on board any diversity you throw at them, blend it all together, and deliver a tailored lifestyle solution for your new home.

I always get asked what’s trending in interior design at the moment.  My usual answer is “Whatever you want and need to make your lifestyle match your dreams.  Trends are one thing, but anyone who wants a custom home built is usually looking for something unique.  Trends can be addressed with a coat of paint and sea grass wallpaper, high ceilings and spotted gum flooring, but the biggest trend we’re experiencing is a shift away from having a home built by a generic company, especially when there are already four homes in your street of the same design.

Some people buy the Variety block of chocolate for a reason.  They don’t just like one flavour.  With a custom-built home you can share the same principle.

The Interline Difference

We’ve built a team of professionals you can trust.

One of the real points of difference we have, as one of Melbourne’s Premier Custom Homes Builders, is that we’ve nurtured a select and talented group of tradespeople who are flexible and adaptable to any building style.  Whether your home calls for an avant-garde metal wall-clad feature finish, or a  verandah with fretwork, we can deliver the right look for your tailor-made home with a highly professional finish – inside and out.  We’ll even take care of the landscaping so you can move in, pop the champagne, and just relax – well maybe after you unpack a few boxes and find the champagne flutes
With us as your Custom Home Builder it’s simple.  YOU get to make all the right choices that suit you!

Adam Waugh, Managing Director, Interline Constructions

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